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Jobs at MacroSystem


System engineer / programmer (team leader and/or member), network engineer

Age Range

20 ~ 30 years old preferred

Working Hours

9:00 ~ 18:00


2 days per week, 126 days per year (including national holidays)


To be determined based on interview and qualifications; raise and bonus also possible

Insurance Benefits

Medical, unemployment, pension, and worker's compensation insurance covered up to 50% as per Japanese law

How to Apply

Call our Support Division office at (03) 5333-2886, or send a curriculum vitae to

Application Response

We will try to respond within 7 days of receiving an application.


If the application passes screening, an interview will be arranged at our Support Division office.
*For directions, please click here.

Interview Response

We will try to give interviewees their results within 7 days of the interview.

New employees will start on a 3 month probationary period.

If it is determined that a new employee does not possess acceptable technical or communication skills, they may be released during this time. However, if the probationary period is satisfactory, the employee will be given permanent status.

MacroSystem seeks and rewards employees who have a wide range of knowledge and abilities, and who can tackle challenges given to them as well as push themselves to improve themselves and learn new skills.

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